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The Kranji Countryside Association

We are a non-government and non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the Kranji area as a farming and nature reserve region in Singapore.  A pioneer farming association since 2005 with more than 17 years of history, with over 50 registered corporate members

We are focused on promoting Singapore’s farming heritage and engaging visitors to experience the Kranji Countryside. We have been actively engaging different stakeholders, organising events such as Farmers’ Market, organising tours, conducting workshops and to work with partners to promote local produce and tourism for Singapore's Sustainability Precinct as a Green Lifestyle Destination 


To promote and educate visitors, local and foreign, about farming and related products as well as to showcase the technological advancements deployed for food supply sustainability in working closely with stakeholders to interest, inspire and grow.


To be the defenders of food security and sustainability for Singapore as the Sustainable Precinct in Singapore while providing the opportunity for people to enjoy the Green Lifestyle in the Kranji Countryside for visitors both domestic and internationally.


Our guiding philosophy towards a better experience in the Kranji Countryside where we categorise the different experiences you can explore in our Green Lifestyle Destination.

Message from Mr Malcolm Ong
President, Kranji Countryside Association

We welcome you to explore the Kranji Countryside and with our approach of EAT. PLAY. LEARN. which we are guided by to create great experiences for you and your family, we believe that the Kranji Countryside being almost the only countryside in urban Singapore, will be the key sustainability and green lifestyle district of Singapore.

Try local produce at our restaurants, try farming and learn about sustainable practices we hold dear, experience the wilderness and serenity, the list goes on! See you soon in the Kranji Countryside!

Our Members

Made up of mostly farmers, our members constantly create great experiences in the Kranji Countryside for visitors in addition to being the defenders of food sustainability in Singapore through our EAT.PLAY.LEARN approach.

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